10 Windshield Replacement Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Replacing a damaged windshield is crucial, but one mistake and you risk costing yourself a small fortune. If you are up against a windshield replacement, avoid making one of these ten catastrophic mistakes. 

1. Trying to Replace Your Windshield Yourself

Like any job, replacing a windshield requires specialized knowledge. Without that knowledge, you risk doing the job incorrectly. Your windshield is the only barrier between you and anything that may get kicked up from the road while driving, and it provides most of the roof support for your vehicle. Improper windshield installation puts your safety and that of your passengers at risk.

Windshield Replacement

2. Ignoring a Small Crack or Chip

A small crack or chip in your car windshield compromises its structural integrity. As the crack or chip goes unrepaired, it is more likely to grow and succumb to additional debris damage. 

3. Not Understanding What It Takes to Replace Your Windshield

Many people are reluctant to pursue windshield replacement because they believe the job will take all afternoon. In the hands of an experienced professional, however, a windshield replacement takes around one hour.

4. Not Using Primer

Many of the adhesives used during the windshield replacement process require a primer. The purpose of this primer is to activate adhesive, so failing to use it results in a poor bond and a dangerous situation all around!

5. Using the Wrong Tools

Whether you replace your own windshield or have a professional do it for you, using the wrong tools is an error you can’t afford to make. The wrong tools can botch your replacement—even damage your new windshield—and cost you more money in the long run.

6. Not Upgrading When You Have the Chance

When replacing your windshield, it’s common to want to save money where you can, but given the option to upgrade your new windshield—take it. New windshields offer better safety features and built-in smart tech that offer a better driving experience and could save your life.

7. Not Cleaning the Windshield Before Replacing It

When replacing your windshield, you may not think about how clean or dirty the glass is, but you should. A dirty windshield makes replacement difficult, and you risk losing suction on the glass and shattering your replacement windshield! 

8. Choosing a Subpar Auto Company

Choosing an auto company is one of the most crucial decisions when replacing your windshield. Picking the wrong company can mean overpaying or leaving you paying good money for a poorly installed windshield. Make sure your installation experience is good by hiring an auto company based on recommendations and referrals from existing customers.

9. Thin Urethane

When replacing your windshield, urethane seals the glass and reduces road sound within the vehicle. Using too little urethane doesn’t just risk your windshield dislodging. It also means increased vehicle noise.

10. Allowing Price to Direct Your Decision

A new windshield is an investment, and a reputable installer and a quality installation cost money. Don’t be tempted to cut corners to save a few dollars because the few dollars you save will cost you more in the long run when your new windshield doesn’t hold up or needs replacing due to poor installation work. 


When replacing your car windshield is the only solution, meticulously research any business before entrusting your vehicle to them. Choose a windshield repair company with a trustworthy reputation and quality service on which you can rely.

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