2024 BMW G310R Top Speed And Price

BMW G310R 2024

2024 BMW G310R is a short super style roadster motorbike manufactured by the Association of TVS Motors and BMW. This highly extraordinary product proves to be very beneficial for these cooperated companies. Its latest model was introduced in 2023 with advanced features and world super-duper style and performance. This super sports bike is powered by a 310cc engine which generates enough power to run it smoothly.

Some of the extraordinary features that it carries include a single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine, a strong swingarm, and five-spoke forged Aluminum wheels with a rear wheel slightly larger in size without any rear support. It offers a single seat to the rider with a compact and sophisticated cockpit area. BMW manufactured it full of dynamic style and elegant look. BMW G310R Top Speed along with TVS Motors specifically designed it for high-performance sports bikes.

It has LED lights and indicator lights to enhance visibility. An automatic Brake system has been installed in it for safety purposes. The wheels are furnished with specially designed braking hardware which offers a traction control system in any emergencies. The lower wheelbase also minimizes the handlebar distance from the driver’s sitting position; it helps in easy, safe, and comfortable driving. The multipurpose instrument panel monitors various functions and keeps the rider informed throughout the journey. Although it is the best and latest product ever made by the association of both companies.

BMW G310R 2025


Its agile and eye-catching sporty look inspires its viewers. The front inverted fork and multidisc clutch provide better suspension so its handlebar works smoothly even on bumpy rides. This latest model is available in a few striking colors with limited stock. The overall body frame is made up of stainless steel which is rust-free lightweight metal and it does not make it a heavy bike. Due to its comfortable and easy handling, it is most common in youngsters as well as beginners.


It is available in an upright position with a low seat height of approximately 30 inches. This full-faired bike can also be called a naked bike as it does not carry any frame around chain covers or engine protectors. The fuel tank is slightly elevated with various curve lines which increase its aesthetic beauty and it offers a fuel tank capacity of about 11 liters. The digital instrument panel acts as a speedometer, odometer, and tachometer. It also warns about fuel capacity and traction system and it was manufactured as a driver assist technology. Unlike other Motorbikes, it has ABS and traction system which is specifically built for safety purposes. Because for every Automobile industry, Safe and Secure driving is their foremost priority.

Engine, power, and performance:

BMW G310R Engine

BMW G310R For sale is powered by a fuel efficient single cylinder liquid cooled engine with 313cc engine displacement which can generate power of 34hp/9250rpm which is coupled with the production of 20.6lb/ft. /7500rpm of torque. This torsional system enhances the engine efficiency and ultimately its generated power increases. This engine uses an electronic fuel injection system and runs on 6-speed transmission gearbox.

BMW G310R Price:

Its starting price is 2.6 lacs.

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