2024 Ferrari 296 GTB History, Engine, & Price

2024 Ferrari 296 GTB

New Model Ferrari 296 GTB is a classic Italian sports car that was produced by the Ferrari company from 1968 to 1973. This model of Ferrari was the first ever production car with a mid-engine layout and it featured an iconic design that set it apart from its competitors. The 296 GTB had a powerful 4-liter V12 engine, a front-mounted radiator, and streamlined bodywork that brought together classic styling with modern performance. It earned its place in automotive history as one of the most desirable and collectible models of Ferrari to exist.

This vehicle was well-received upon release for its superb handling, power delivery, and overall ride quality. It quickly became known as one of the leading cars in racing events such as Formula One, making it highly sought after by collectors for its rarity and performance capabilities on the track.

Ferrari 296 GTB Design:

The Ferrari 296 GTB supercar was designed with an aggressive styling that can only be described as barely contained power. The long, sleek hood lines make the car look low and fast, while the two-tone color scheme is a clear indication of its high-performance potential. The iconic prancing horse logo on the nose and tail are a reminder of what lies beneath the hood: a 3 liter V12 engine making 400 horsepower. Inside, the car features classic Italian leather upholstery and wooden veneers for a luxurious finish.

Ferrari 296 GTB car’s design was created to inspire performance driving. Its low ground clearance encourages drivers to take tight turns at speed, while its powerful engine gives them plenty of acceleration to power out of corners.

Ferrari 296 GTB 2023

Ferrari 296 GTB Performance:

The Ferrari 296 GTB fortnite is one of the most powerful and sought-after cars in Ferrari’s lineup. This iconic vehicle is powered by a strong and reliable V12 engine that produces an impressive hp output. The engine is capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in just under six seconds, making it one of the fastest cars on the market. The V12 power also allows for superior handling capabilities, allowing drivers to take full advantage of its agility and responsiveness when navigating tight corners or other challenging driving conditions.

The 296 GTB’s performance speaks for itself with its top speed being over 180 mph, making it a great choice for those who want a car that can transition seamlessly between high speeds on highways and winding roads alike. Additionally, the robust V12 engine ensures maximum torque delivery across all rpm ranges while producing an unbeatable roar that gives off an unmistakable feeling of power.

Ferrari 296 GTB Features:

The Ferrari 296 GTB location is a rare and exotic sports car that offers drivers an unforgettable experience. Its powerful V8 engine, coupled with its striking exterior design, guarantees that no two drives are the same.

The Ferrari 296 GTB has some amazing features worth mentioning. For starters, its state-of-the-art suspension system allows drivers to handle tight turns with ease while providing a smooth ride over rough terrain. It also comes equipped with an advanced air conditioning system that keeps passengers comfortable during extended trips or hot summer days. Additionally, the vehicle’s unique interior trim helps set it apart from other luxury cars on the market today. The cabin features leather upholstery and luxurious woodgrain accents for added sophistication inside the cabin.

Finally, this model of Ferrari 296 GTB also offers owners access to exclusive appointments like special racing events and more.

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Ferrari 296 GTB Variants:

The Ferrari 296 GTB interior has two distinct variants that were released. The first is the Spider variant, which was announced in 1967 and based on the Ferrari 275 GTS convertible chassis. This variant features a unique soft-top convertible body style with a 2+2 seating configuration and a 3.0L V12 engine capable of producing 300 horsepower. It is also equipped with disc brakes on all four wheels for improved stopping power.

New Ferrari second variant is the Competizione model, which debuted in 1968 and was specifically designed for racing purposes. It has an aerodynamically enhanced body made from aluminum instead of steel like the standard model, as well as lightweight seats and other parts to bring down its weight to just over 1,900 lbs (850 kg). Its engine produces 320 horsepower due to some minor improvements such as higher compression ratio and larger carburetors.

Ferrari 296 GTB Racing Legacy:

Ferrari’s racing legacy is steeped in a legendary track record of excellence. Since their first race in 1947, the Italian auto maker has been one of the most successful teams in motorsports, and the 296 GTB has played an integral role in that success. New 296 GTB was first unveiled at the 1966 Turin auto show, and it quickly rose to prominence on the Ferrari circuit as drivers such as Jacky Ickx and Chris Amon achieved numerous wins with it during its time on the track.

New 296 also holds a special place among Ferrari aficionados thanks to its light weight and semi-monocoque aluminum alloy chassis construction which made it more nimble than other vehicles on the track. This gave drivers greater control over their speed while still allowing them to achieve impressive speeds along straights and tight curves alike.

Ferrari 296 GTB

Ferrari 296 GTB Price

The Ferrari 296 GTB price was first released in 1968 and had a price tag of $15,000. This made it one of the most expensive vehicles on the market at the time. The car quickly gained popularity with its impressive performance capabilities and luxurious features.

For those looking to purchase a Ferrari 296 GTB today, expect to pay significantly more than the original price tag. For example, in 2016, an auction house sold a pristine 1966 model for over $1 million USD. The rarity of these cars is part of what drives up the prices since they are considered collectors items by many automotive enthusiasts.  Depending on their condition and current demand, prices can range anywhere between $500,000 USD and several million dollars for well-maintained examples of this classic New Ferrari model.

Ferrari 296 GTB price in Philippines PHP 18974945
Ferrari 296 GTB price in Pakistan PKR 63,637,200
Ferrari 296 GTB price in India Rs. 5.40 Cr


The Ferrari 296 GTB for sale is an iconic Italian supercar that has left a lasting legacy in the automotive industry. Its sleek lines and powerful engine have made it one of the most sought-after cars on the market, even decades after its production ended. The car’s combination of performance, luxury, and style makes it a timeless classic for any aspiring supercar owner.

Despite its modest roots, new 296 GTB is a testament to Ferrari’s commitment to excellence and craftsmanship. Not only does it look good with its sleek exterior design, but it also provides plenty of power under the hood. With its responsive handling and impressive acceleration capabilities, this vehicle still stands out amongst modern sports cars today.

The Ferrari 296 GTB will continue to be one of the most iconic and desirable cars ever produced by one of Italy’s finest automakers.


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