2024 Ferrari 812 Competizione Engine, Price, & Interior

2024 Ferrari 812 Competizione

New Model Ferrari 812 Competizione is a luxury Italian sports car that has been designed and engineered with performance in mind. With its powerful V12 engine and sophisticated suspension, the Ferrari 812 Competizione offers drivers a unique driving experience with remarkable power and agility. This luxurious two-seater coupe is sure to turn heads wherever it goes and will make any driver look like a million bucks behind the wheel.

The exterior of the Ferrari 812 Competizione features sleek lines and sharp angles, giving it an unmistakable presence on the road. The interior is equally impressive with luxurious materials throughout, including carbon fiber trim pieces for added appeal. Underneath the hood lies a 789 horsepower 6.5L V12 engine that allows for lightning-quick acceleration from 0-60 mph in just 2.9 seconds!

Ferrari 812 Competizione Aggressive and Stylish Design

The Ferrari 812 Competizione horsepower is an aggressive and stylish design that stands out from the pack. With its signature low stance, sleek lines, and bold colors, the 812 Competizione looks as if it’s ready to take on any race track. The exterior features a sculpted hood with air intakes for improved cooling and aerodynamics, while flared wheel arches give the car an unmistakable presence. The interior is equally impressive, with comfortable sports seats providing plenty of support for enthusiastic drivers. All models come with an advanced infotainment system that provides access to music streaming services and navigation systems.

Underneath its striking exterior lies a powerful engine capable of producing 789 horsepower and 530 lb-ft of torque.

Ferrari 812 Competizione

Ferrari 812 Competizione Performance:

The Ferrari 812 Competizione top speed packs an incredible punch with its 789-horsepower, 6.5-liter V12 engine. This engine is supercharged to deliver immense power and performance when you need it most. The 812 Competizione has been designed for maximum performance and provides a thrilling driving experience no matter where you are on the track.

New 812 Competizione supercharged V12 generates massive torque for a powerful acceleration response as well as better fuel efficiency than previous models. The engine is mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission that shifts quickly and precisely, allowing drivers to make the most of their performance capabilities on the racetrack or winding roads. The power output from this engine can be adjusted to suit different driving situations; making it ideal for both track days and leisurely drives alike.

Ferrari 812 Competizione Drivetrain:

The Ferrari 812 Competizione configurator comes with a drivetrain that many petrolheads are sure to be excited about. The dual-clutch transmission is a seven-speed F1-inspired automatic gearbox, designed to deliver maximum performance and precision. This system allows for lightning fast shifts, allowing the driver to experience enhanced control and acceleration when behind the wheel. Additionally, the dual-clutch transmission has been specifically tuned for this particular model so it can handle more torque than ever before, making it ideal for those who want to take their ride on long distance journeys without compromising on power or speed.

New 812 Competizione innovative technology of the dual clutch transmission also ensures faster shifting times compared to traditional automatic transmissions. This means drivers can make smooth shifts without any hesitation or delay in power delivery which ultimately leads to improved lap times and an overall better driving experience.

Ferrari 812 Competizione 2323

Ferrari 812 Competizione Interior:

The Ferrari 812 Competizione interior is a vehicle loaded with luxury. The interior of the 812 Competizione has been designed to offer maximum comfort and convenience for its occupants, using only the finest materials. The driver and passenger seats are upholstered in luxurious leather, while the dashboard is made from carbon fiber and aluminum accents. To add even more opulence, owners can customize their 812 Competizione with special features like hand-stitched leather door panels, high-gloss wood trim throughout the cabin, and an optional premium audio system.

New Ferrari interior also offers plenty of technology features which make life easier for drivers. An intuitive infotainment system provides access to navigation, music streaming services and wireless phone connectivity for hands-free calling.

Ferrari 812 Competizione Technology Features:

The Ferrari 812 Competizione features an advanced infotainment system, which allows drivers to access the latest information and entertainment features. The system includes a high-resolution 12.3-inch touchscreen display with intuitive controls for navigation, audio, climate control, vehicle settings and other functions. It also offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for seamless device integration. Additionally, the system includes voice recognition technology for hands-free operation of all functions within the infotainment system.

The Ferrari 812 Competizione also comes equipped with a variety of driver assistance technologies such as adaptive cruise control with stop & go functionality, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning and more. These systems use a combination of radar sensors and cameras to provide real-time alerts that help drivers stay safe while on the road.

Ferrari 812 Competizione 22

Ferrari 812 Competizione Price & Availability

The Ferrari 812 Competizione price is a limited production vehicle with a hefty price tag. With only five hundred units produced, the 812 Competizione’s exclusivity can be seen in its eye-catching design as well as its rare availability. The 812 Competizione has been priced at $535,000 USD and comes with a variety of features that make it stand out from other vehicles on the market.

New Ferrari exclusive car is equipped with a 6.5 liter V-12 engine which produces 789 horsepower and 530 lb.-ft of torque, allowing it to reach top speeds of up to 211 mph. It also includes features such as an advanced rear-wheel steering system, lightweight carbon fiber body panels, as well as Brembo Brakes for optimal performance and control while driving.

Ferrari 812 Competizione price in Philippines PHP 28.8 million
Ferrari 812 Competizione price in Pakistan Rs. 12,00,00000
Ferrari 812 Competizione price in India Rs. 5.75 Cr


The Ferrari 812 Competizione for sale is a high-performance luxury vehicle that sets itself apart from other models on the market. It delivers an impressive level of performance, thanks to its powerful engine, agile handling characteristics, and advanced aerodynamics. With a sleek exterior design and luxurious interior features, it’s sure to turn heads wherever it goes. The 812 Competizione offers drivers an unbeatable combination of performance, style and comfort – all in one package.

Ultimately, the Ferrari 812 Competizione is one of the most impressive luxury performance vehicles available today. Its powerful engine provides plenty of power for spirited drives while its aerodynamic design ensures agility in even the tightest corners. Inside you’ll find a range of luxurious amenities that add to the overall driving experience.


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