2024 Suzuki Jimny USA Price And Sale

2024 Suzuki Jimny

Suzuki Jimny 2024 is a Japanese SUV launched in 1970 and here we will discuss about 4th generation model of 2023. It comes out in Petrol engine only and its price ranges from 12 lakh 40 thousand to 15 Lakhs in Indian Rupees. Suzuki Jimny USA is one of the favorite models of the Suzuki Company. There were more than 30 lac jimny has been sold out in 190 different countries.

All over the world, there are 2-door coupes but especially in India there is specially designed 4-door SUV. Suzuki Gimny is the most famous model which belongs to Suzuki’s second generation and its sales rate is higher than other vehicles of the same company. JB74W is the code name for this Suzuki Jimny generation. Its body parts are assembled in India and Japan.

suzuki jimny

External Specifications of Suzuki Jimny:

The external ladder-type body frame is in different striking colors. Its electrical version will be launched in 2030. The front side carries fog lamps, a scratch-resistant bumper, tow hooks, and chrome-plated grey grills with the Suzuki logo on them. There are Auto LED projector lamps, flash clamshell bonnet, rain wipers, roof has trip rails, indicators, electrically adjustable side mirrors, and 210mm ground clearance. It has 15-inch alloy wheels made of Aluminum but steel wheels are also an option.

The front wheel carries disc brakes and the rear wheel has drum brakes. The rear side has rear sensors, taillights, exhaust pipes, tow hooks, high-mounted stop lights, rear cameras, and a spare tire adjusted on the back side with the Suzuki logo on it. It was designed to offer a beautiful interior and exterior to Suzuki Jimny For Sale. It has extra boot space for putting luggage there. This area also has a 12V supply and extra lighting in it.

Interior Design and Further Specifications:

suzuki jimny 2025

New Suzuki Jimny most glamorous exterior has a mindblowing interior with mostly black upholstery. Suzuki is blessed with all the latest features which every vehicle has and offers a lot of comfortable and smooth rides over long distances. The passenger side is comfortable with leather upholstery and the driver side has a clean dashboard with an infotainment system and display screen which provides information regarding fuel warning, rear cameras, mitigation system, and some other specifications. Like other vehicles, it also has a sun visor, glue box, rack, pinion-type steering wheel, etc. Suzuki is another name for comfort.

Engine specifications:

Suzuki Jimny Mexico is powered by a 1462 cc, Inline-4 cylinder, Suzuki K15B engine which generates a power of 103 hp which is coupled with the production of 134 Nm Torque. It works better in pairing with a 5-speed manual or 4-speed Automatic transmission. It offers 40-liter Fuel Tank capacity.

suzuki jimny 2024

Safety Ranking of Suzuki Jimny:

Gimnyke provides fuel information and got 3/5 stars by EURO NCAP for safety instruments.

Suzuki Jimny Price:

For the 2024 model the company has announced 15Lakhs in Indian rupees as it was designed not to provide extraordinary exterior designs but to have a simple and decent look overall. The designer focused on its interior and exterior features which are beneficial for customers.


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