2024 Tesla Model 3 Features and Specifications

2024 Tesla Model 3

2024 Tesla Model 3 is a Sedan Electric vehicle designed in 2017 with modern features. It is a smaller version of the BMWi4 and Volkswagon Golf. All the performance of electric vehicles is based on their batteries. Used Tesla Model 3 has a glass roof through which anyone can watch the sky view by sitting inside. Its front grill is shifted to the lower side which gives a distinctive look.

Tesla Model 3

It works on the home-based charging system, once you charge it completely it can travel up to 332 miles and by completing 20 -80 % battery it takes only 20 minutes. It offers more compact and sophisticated designs than other Tesla models. Tesla Model interior has a comfortable, spacious, luxurious, and simple environment. Its central console has a clean dashboard without any instrument panel, just a 15-inch screen which provides a proper route map, navigation, and communication system. It displays a live route for your journey.

It has a charging port for two Android mobiles. Tesla Model 3 power-operated adjustable seats captivate anyone to travel inside. It is a very well-spacious, well-equipped, very luxurious, reliable and affordable Electric range. It got 5-star rating in the Safety testing system by NHTSA. Tesla Model 3 fuel economy recorded its maximum speed of 162mph. The charged battery can accelerate the Car from 0-60mph in just 3.1 seconds.

Extraordinary features and specifications:

Tesla Model 3 2025

Externally it looks bold and fabulous having a glass roof to observe sky view while sitting inside. Tesla 3 has five doors and can accommodate a sitting position for five persons. It uses 20-inch wheels made with Aluminum alloy. All the seats have heated adjustable capability along with heated side mirrors and a steering wheel. As the central console has no other accessories except a 15-inch Display, it offers larger space for leg room.

This display can be used for a lot of functions especially you can use any software through it or you can be informed by any new additional features in the car and its functionality. The map navigation system helps the driver to follow his route. Tesla Interieur offers 2 charging ports for charging two mobiles at a time. The Infotainment system comprises 14 speakers for enjoyment. The passengers can never get tired by enjoying music. It carries two motors for efficient working. It has some advanced qualities like Auto Park, Auto lane change, Auto retrieve, etc.

Tesla Model 3 2024

Like other vehicles, it also came equipped with LED lights, electric front and rear windows, parking lights privacy glass, etc. Tesla Model 3 powering source is an 11Kw charger with two motors. It is designed with so technical mind and has a lot of safety and security features like keyless entry, Dashcam, Tesla mobile app, Digital Radio, e-call facility, etc.

Tesla Model 3 Price:

Its starting price is PKR 30,500,000.

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