Haval H6 Review, Specs, And Price (2023)

Haval H6 Review

Haval is a Chinese automaker that specializes in SUVs. Their H6 is a compact SUV with 131-horsepower engine. It offers 46.7 cubic feet of cargo space and measures 6925mm long, 1800mm wide, and 1700mm high. Prices range from $12,000-$23,000 for this new SUV.

The Haval H6 Price in Pakistan is a mid-sized family sedan that aims to provide the best of both worlds. With plenty of space for passengers, but not so big it’s hard to drive, this is one car you don’t want to pass up.

The Haval H6 2022 is a new SUV from the Chinese company Haval, and it has made a name for itself in the market. The H6 comes with a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine that belts out 250 horsepower and 317 lb-ft of torque. The vehicle also comes with a six-speed automatic transmission, four-wheel drive, and a whole host of other features.

The Haval H6 Pakistan is your average, middle of the road sedan. It offers enough room for passengers and has a smaller profile that is easier to maneuver in tight spaces.

Haval H6

The Haval H6 is a large, versatile vehicle. It has been designed with an aerodynamic design and the option of a 4×4 drive system as well as a turbocharged petrol engine as well as a turbocharged diesel engine. The H6 price is practical due to its ample cargo space, comfortable passenger room and fuel efficiency that will allow for long journeys with less strain on the wallet. With its competitive price, it is an excellent value purchase.

The Haval H6 price in India was one of the largest SUVs when it first came out in 2014, but since then, has seen a decline in sales. The H6 is still available in China and has seen increased sales due to the expansion of the Chinese auto market. It is not yet available overseas.

Haval H6 Price in Pakistan: Price: PKR 68.5 – 71.5 lacs

Haval H6 price in India: ₹ 15.0020.00 Lakh

Chinese SUV manufacturer Haval saw a decrease in sales for its line of large SUVs since it first came out, but an increase for the model in China. Read More: Suzuki Wagon R

This vehicle is a compact SUV offered by the Chinese automaker Haval which specializes in SUVs. Its prices start at around 12 thousand dollars or 23 KNY (approximately 17700 USD). This article will be about its technical details such as features like gas mileage performance etc. it’s also important to learn how you can find low-cost cars on various websites before buying them so do research properly first! Most importantly always remember that “You have only one life”

Haval H6 Review

Haval H6 Engine:

This article will introduce the Haval H6 engine which is a powerful and reliable engine. The engine has been used in many different vehicles such as the Kia Sorento and the Honda Odyssey. This article will explore how this engine has plenty of torque at low RPMs, as well as how it can be used in various types of automobiles. It includes information regarding its fuel efficiency along with other factors related to why we choose engines for our vehicle(S).

Engine: 1497 cc

Fuel: Petrol

HP: 147 HP @ 5500 RPM

Haval H6 Engine
Haval H6 Engine

Haval H6 Design:

Haval H6 is a four-door, five-passenger luxury crossover SUV. It features a sleek and modern exterior design that looks nothing like the boxy SUVs of the past. The H6 is available in two trim levels:

Sentence 1: The H6 is a four-door, five-passenger luxury crossover SUV that oozes elegance and style with its sleek and modern exterior. This premium model can be equipped to come standard or as an option for your Audi brand vehicles such high performance upgrades include but are not limited too; Porsche Performance packages including MMI Navigation Plus which includes navigation capabilities plus Apple CarPlay™ functionality (available on most 2015 Q7 models only), Bose® Premium Surround Sound System II w/Navigation included alongwith automatic rain sensing wipers while adding rearview camera system allows you added safety when driving during inclement weather conditions at night.


The Haval H6 has powerful turbo engine, comfortable ride, and good handling. It is comparable to other vehicles in its class for performance.

The Haval H6 has a powerful turbo engine that provides the car with great acceleration and fuel economy. The vehicle also has a comfortable ride made possible by Adaptive Damping System II, which controls body roll during tight corners. This helps ensure high-degree stability on road surfaces of all kinds including those covered under snow or mud like gravel roads etc.. With this new technology it guarantees maximum control even if drivers are inexperienced as well an increased level comfort over rough terrains such due poor maintenance work done previously. Read More: Toyota Yaris

Haval H6 exterior

Mileage: 10-13 KM/L

Transmission: Automatic

Doors: 5

Airbags: 6 Airbags

Body: SUV

Weight: 1780 KG

Steering: Power

Fuel Tank: 55 L

Top Speed: 180 KM/H

Brakes: Dick

Drive: Front-wheel drive

Power Windows

Alloy Wheels

GPS System

Air Conditioner



The Haval H6 interior is a recently released SUV that is the 6th generation of this Chinese car maker, with its first release coming in 2001. This vehicle has received rave reviews for being well balanced and practical. The exterior features are minimalistic but do not lack detail or quality. The interior is sleek, accommodates up to 7 passengers, and has plenty of storage space. Both front seats offer more than adequate legroom which makes them good choices if they have short riders/passengers who prefer comfort over style! Additionally there isn’t much noise from outside while driving since it comes standard witn power windows & locks as opposed t he other cars on our list.

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