New Suzuki Bolan History, Price, And Interior

Suzuki Bolan

New Model Suzuki Bolan is a small cargo van produced by the Japanese automaker Suzuki. It was first introduced in 1985 and has been in production ever since. The van is available with both petrol and diesel engines, as well as manual or automatic transmissions. The design of the Bolan includes a two-tone exterior, with a white roof over either red or blue body panels. On the inside, it features seating for up to five passengers, as well as ample cargo space behind the rear seats. It also comes equipped with an air conditioning system, power windows and locks, and an audio system that can be connected to Bluetooth devices for hands-free calling capability. Safety features include dual airbags, ABS brakes, and stability control systems for improved handling on slippery surfaces. The Suzuki Bolan is an economical choice for those looking for reliable transportation at a low cost.

Suzuki Bolan History:

The Suzuki Bolan fuel average is a light commercial vehicle that was first produced in 1983 by the Japanese automaker, Suzuki. It has remained popular in the Pakistani market since its conception and has become an icon of South Asian culture. The origins of the Bolan can be traced back to Japan’s post-World War II period when New Suzuki began producing small cars to meet the demand for cheap transport. Over time, the company developed specialized vehicles like pickup trucks and vans, which eventually became known as the Bolan. The early versions had two-stroke gasoline engines, while later models were powered by four-stroke gasoline engines. The Bolan also evolved over time with newer features such as air conditioning and power steering being added to make it more comfortable for passengers. As production continued, improvements were made in terms of design and interior fittings, making it one of the most popular light commercial vehicles on the market today.

Suzuki Bolan 222

Suzuki Bolan Features & Specifications

The Suzuki Bolan pak wheels is a great option for those looking for an economical vehicle with plenty of features and specifications. It offers a fuel-efficient 1.0L engine that produces maximum power of 58 HP at 5500 RPM and peak torque of 90 Nm at 3000 RPM. The engine is mated to a 4-speed manual transmission, allowing you to enjoy precise gear shifts while on the go. With its power steering feature, maneuvering the car becomes easier even in tight spaces. Moreover, it provides excellent mileage of around 18km/l in city conditions and 20km/l on highways, making it a great choice for long distance journeys as well.

In terms of safety features, new Bolan comes with airbags for driver and co-driver seat along with ABS (Anti Lock Braking System) which ensures better stability during sudden braking or cornering conditions. Additionally, it has several other features like reverse parking sensors, child lock system and keyless entry system that make this car more secure and convenient to use. In terms of interior space, there is ample legroom in both front and rear seats providing comfort to passengers during long drives.

Suzuki Bolan Performance & Efficiency

Performance and efficiency are key factors for a Suzuki Bolan. It has a reliable 1.0 Liter 3-cylinder engine that delivers exceptional power, giving the driver control in any situation. The engine is capable of producing up to 67 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 87 Nm of torque at 3,500 rpm. This gives it the ability to move with agility on any terrain while maintaining high fuel efficiency. The 5-speed manual transmission also offers smooth shifts and acceleration which help boost performance even further. Furthermore, the Suzuki Bolan comes with an ECO mode feature that helps users get more out of their engine by reducing fuel consumption when driving at lower speeds or on longer journeys. This leads to greater economy when travelling long distances as well as improved overall efficiency in all driving scenarios.

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Suzuki Bolan Popularity & Demand

Suzuki Bolan price is one of the most popular vehicles in Pakistan. It has seen a huge surge in its demand due to its affordability and fuel efficiency. The vehicle’s low price and easy availability have made it a favorite among the masses, especially those living in rural areas. The Bolan comes with a range of features that make it suitable for all types of uses, from transporting goods to family outings. Its spacious interior makes it perfect for hauling large amounts of luggage or passengers at once, making it an ideal choice for long road trips or family vacations. Additionally, its fuel economy helps keep running costs down as well as helping reduce emissions levels drastically compared to other vehicles on the market. All these factors combine to create an unbeatable package which explains why the Suzuki Bolan remains so popular and in high demand throughout Pakistan today.

Suzuki Bolan price Pakistan PKR 1,852,000
Suzuki Bolan price India Rs. 6.56 lakh

Suzuki Bolan Pros & Cons


The Suzuki Bolan engine is a great economical option for those on a budget. It has a reliable engine, easy to maintain and parts are readily available. It also has good fuel economy since it runs on petrol, which makes it more cost effective to run than other cars of its size and power. The car also comes with several customization options, allowing owners to create the perfect look that suits their tastes. Additionally, the Bolan is a great choice for family or business use due to its large cargo space and comfortable ride quality.


The Suzuki Bolan petrol average per liter does not have the same performance level as other vehicles in its class; it tends to be underpowered when compared with competitors such as Toyota Corolla or Honda City. Although it has an impressive fuel economy rating, many users report poor acceleration and sluggish handling due to its weak engine output. Additionally, some owners have experienced issues with electrical components failing unexpectedly over time; this can be costly if not addressed quickly. Lastly, spare parts for older models of the Bolan can be difficult or expensive to find depending on where you live.

Suzuki Bolan


The Suzuki Bolan for sale has come a long way from its inception in 1985. It has become a popular mode of transport among those who value reliability, economy and affordability. The constantly evolving design and low price tag have made it the go-to option for many people looking for an economical yet dependable ride throughout Pakistan. With its fuel efficiency, comfortable interior and reliable performance, the Suzuki Bolan is a great choice for daily commuting or leisure trips.

Its excellent combination of features along with the increasing availability of spare parts makes it a great package overall. The modern styling and longer list of comfort features make it stand out in comparison to other vehicles in its segment. All things considered, the Suzuki Bolan is an ideal option for those seeking an efficient vehicle that offers reliable performance at an affordable price point.

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