Suzuki Alto VXR Review, Price And Colors (2023)

Suzuki Alto VXR Review

Suzuki alto VXR 2022 is considered the best car in all countries. It is the best source of traveling. It is originated in Japan country. The alto originated as a commercial vehicle. Its first name was completely replaced in 1988. It is also known as a city car in exports markets in the country of Japan.

Suzuki Alto VXR



Suzuki alto VXR ENGINE has first and important feature is its engine. The engine is a most important and great role in all vehicles. The Suzuki alto VXR car engine type is R06A. There are 12 valves in the Suzuki alto vxr car and 658cc displacement. Its ratio of compression is 10:01. It has the capacity of the fuel supply system. The maximum horsepower of the Suzuki alto VXR car is 39 hp,6500 RPM. Its gearbox speed is 5 and ground clearance is 170 mm or millimeter. The fuel capacity of Suzuki Alto VXR is 27 litres and boot space is 125L. Torque is specific in a car that is 56 nm@ 4000 RPM. Three cylinders are present in Suzuki alto VXR colors. The main point is that its transmission is manual. The fuel type of this car is petrol.

Suzuki Alto VXR Review


The steering is an important role in car during traveling. With the help of steering, we can move a car every side with the help of steering. Sob that it is an important role in vehicles. The minimum turning radius is 4.2 M. The front brakes are like that solid disc and rear brakes are like that drum. The curb weight is 650 kilograms.


Tyre size OE IS 145/80 R 13.

The wheel size of this car is 13 inches.

The ability of wheelbase is 2460 mm.

Many companies tyre is best for  Suzuki alto vxr such as MIRAGE, SAILUN, and YOKOHAMA. These company tyre is most useful and uses a long time.


The length of Suzuki alto vxr is 395.

The width of Suzuki alto vxr is 1490.

The height of Suzuki Alto VXR is 1475.

Suzuki Alto VXR 2022


In Pakistan, Suzuki alto vxr is very favorable. Many people mostly use this car for travel. It is a capacity of four [4] person seating. Four people easily set in Suzuki car. There are five doors in New Suzuki alto vxr price in Pakistan. The headquater of Suzuki car is present in Karachi. A number of the maximum car in Karachi that is used for the public. The Suzuki car is present in all city of Pakistan. Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Multan, Bahawalpur, Faisalabad, and many other cities of Pakistan. We can say these cars are present in all sides of Pakistan. Its price is lower than many other cars.  Mostly these car is used for booking in Pakistan. The top track speed is 145 km so its performance is best. Now, these car is common in many other countries. Suzuki alto is known for its cheap price and good fuel economy.

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