Tata Altroz Price And Mileage 2024

Tata Altroz

Altroz is a high-quality hatchback manufactured by Tata Motors in 2019. It is available in 13 variants and many trim levels. This standard version of Altroz EV has many modifications in its suspension and braking hardware to make it a supreme quality hatchback. Furthermore, its overall design, bonnet, and other specifications have been also improved to make it a classic version that has a lot of facilities for its customers. Along with other traditional features, there are some special features which are its demarcations only.

It has a Sunroof which make it a costly vehicle 45000 more than those vehicles that do not have sunroof over them. Moreover, it has a wireless charging system, 7-inch infotainment system, IRA technology connected to the car, a lot of safety features, and many others. It comes equipped with three different powertrains1.2L petrol, 1.5L petrol, and a CNG variant. All produce enough power and torque to enhance the vehicle’s performance. Toyota Galaza and Hyundayi i20 compete with Tata Altroz Racer in efficiency, performance as well as external designations.

tata altroz

External Features of Tata Altroz:

The Tata Altroz white is magnificent and looks gorgeous from its front side. It is much more confident and powerful than other vehicles belonging to the same iteration or from other variants. The front bonnet is designed to express its upside look and the grill extends towards headlight which makes it fabulous in all over its front design. The teardrop-shaped headlights enhance its front beauty.

The lower bumper has a very clean design and in the same direction, there are fog lamps and Day running lights. Tata Altroz variants have different sizes of wheels but this version carries 16 inches Alloy wheels with maximum grip on the roads. The first and very old model has 14-inch tires. There are side mirrors with mounted side indicators and it has door handles hidden just below the windows which gives it a completely finished and fine look. The rear side is much more prominent by the presence of taillights and it also has”A  L   T   R  O  Z” badging at the rear side which looks elegant even from far-off areas.

Internal Features of Tata Altroz:

The most beautiful interior of the Tata Altroz CNG offers an aesthetic sense just by watching it, anyone can feel ,how much it will provide comfort to its passengers or riders. The most important internal feature is that it offers complete opening of doors at a right angle even wheelchair patients can easily enter in it. The interior panel and quality material is used to impress its customers.

Its premium look is presented by its wonderful appearance from inside of the vehicle. There is a clean dashboard, flat steering wheel, and spacious inner cabin full of comfort and every luxury that the customer demands. All the seats are adjustable and have been decorated by interior blue lighting. You will be provided with armrests, cupholders, large space for legroom and headroom, and a lot of safety features. It provides 665L cabin as a boot space for putting luggage and other accessories.

Engine specifications:

Tata Altroz is powered by petrol, diesel, and CNG variants and its displacement capacity ranges between 1199cc -1497cc and can generate power of 86.83bhp-108.48bhp with the production of 113Nm -200Nm. These are available as 3,4 and 5 speed manual transmissions consecutively

Tata Altroz Mileage

EPA estimated its maximum mileage of 23.64kmpl.

Tata Altroz Price:

Depending on the availability of almost all features in this very decent and unique styling, it means a blessing for its buyers and customers. Tata Altroz price ranges between 6.59Lakhs -10.73Lakhs depending upon the variant that the customer chooses according his own choice.

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