TATA Magic Price Exterior And Interior

TATA Magic

TATA Magic is a Ten-seater Van, first time introduced in 2007 by TATA Motors in India. TATA Motors launched its revised version in the form of a facelift version in 2023 with many improvements and modifications. It will be available in petrol, diesel, and CNG-operated engines. TATA has introduced its two colors white and yellow. It has an ambulance and school van version whatever the customer likes to buy. TATA magic iris is one of the best magic products from its previous generations because it offers high performance even at less production of torque and rpm. It is a fuel-efficient and environment-friendly vehicle and is available at a reasonable price. Its soft top version is also available in the showroom.

Some nature lovers want to buy it. TATA Motors manufactured it with 38 % gradeability. This new version offers Eco drive mode, Gear shift advisor, a new instrument cluster, tubeless radial tires, and rear parking assist. The driver ergonomics were also kept in mind while launching its 2nd version. These changes were carried out on customer demand, hence it gains much popularity. Its simple and agile look does not need any extra accessories. TATA Magic express interior is just for pick-and-drop service and anyone can utilize it for family tours. Tata Magic express provides comfortable rides to its passengers, no matter whether the distance is long or short. TATA Motors offers a 2-year warranty on TATA Magic.

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Exterior Features:

TATA Magic 10 seater is a mixture of Average comfort, efficiency, and speed. The external body frame is composed of rust-free stainless steel with glossy shine paint which offers weather protection just for safety purposes. It is equipped with wide window shield glass and a 190mm single drive friction diaphragm type clutch. Its bumper carries space for fog lamps. Its honeycomb pattern black grill has a logo of TATA motors and at its upper two corners, there is a badging with the names “Express” and “Magic”. Beside the grill, there are two LED halogen lights with indicator lights inside one covering panel.

Just below the front glass, there is a reflector tape to reflect the coming light to its source which enhances visibility at night. The front glass has two rain wipers and a yellow sticker for customer care services. Its upper roof has some design while from its interior, its roof is plain. It has Sliding windows, manually adjustable side mirrors, side indicators, 13-inch steel wheels with front disc brakes, and rear drum brakes. Due to high performance and low maintenance, it is among the most profitable vehicles. The front end has semi-elliptical leaf springs and at the rear end, there are hydraulic shock absorbers in its suspension system which gives a comfortable ride even on bumpy roads.

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Interior Features:

The passenger side has a comfortable interior with vinyl upholstery, ten foldable seats, interior lights, and emergency SOS buttons. The interior driver’s side has a clean dashboard, three-spoke steering, paddles, Manual hand brake, 5-speed transmission, Central console with USB port for charging, Driver side sun visor, Lockable box, Eco-drive buttons, rearview mirror, updated instrument panel with illuminated lights having trip meter and speed meter on it.

Engine specifications:

TATA Magic mileage is powered by a 708cc four-inline cylinder engine with a fuel injection system that generates power of 25hp and 55Nm torque. Its fuel tank capacity is 26L. Its maximum speed is 80km/h.

TATA Magic Price:

The cost of TATA magic (Petrol engine)  in India is 6.4lakhs.

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