2024 Harley Davidson Night Train Specifications

2024 Harley Davidson Night Train

Harley Davidson Night Train 2024 is a soft tail cruiser bike with Bob style manufactured by Harley Davidson in the years between 1998 and 2009. It was the only bike used in European countries. Willie G called this Harley bike a “Night train” after a road test and it was published in “Hot Rod” magazine at that time. The first generation was introduced in 1998 and in this period, the engine and certain other features have been modified. The rear bulky and wider tire has been added to this trim level and then in 2007, 2nd generation was introduced with a larger engine displacement of 1584cc and it replaced the previous 1450cc engine.

Harley Davidson Night Train

Harley Davidson Night Train clean and classic design gained much popularity because it skipped some vestigial parts just to lower the weight of the body. It offers a simple bob-style appearance with matte black colors and sometimes glossy black colors despite other super sports bikes, which adopted bold colors and extraordinarily heavy frames. The most distinct wheel design and size attracts its viewers. The front wheel gives a slim and sleek appearance just like a bicycle and the rear fat tires with perforated disc brakes look like the wheels of a muscle car.

New Dynamic Design and Other Features/Specifications:

Harley Davidson Night Train For sale elegant design was achieved through a larger yoke angle and extended cockpit from handlebars, its rear bulky tire, and dual exhausts for proper emission of particulate gases. The overall skeleton is made up of lightweight stainless steel and the frame is beautifully designed to enhance its supremacy. Harley Davidson Night Train front side is designed with Telescopic forks having a bit longer fork tubes. It offers less ground clearance for drivers approximately 25 inches but the 2nd passenger seat is elevated giving a curved shape and it seems to be fantastic. The most important and distinguishing feature is that it has a central console with a digital speedometer, odometer, trip meter, and analog tachometer.

Harley Davidson Night Train

Its instrument panel is not limited to its handlebar but extended towards the fuel tank. This model is equipped with safety features like an Automatic braking System and traction system for safe and secure driving. The indicator lights in front of the panel inform about fuel capacity, rear lights, and the performance of the superbike. Its rear shocks and fenders are hidden under the leather-trimmed seat. Harley Night train offers a smooth and comfortable ride with easy space to sit and foot pegs are adjusted at suitable distance. It is designed in such a way that short sighted person can easily handle it without any muscle cramps.

Engine, Power, and Mileage:

Harley Davidson Night Train superbike is powered by a four-stroke air-cooled V-Twin 96 B engine with 1584cc engine displacement which is enough to generate power of 63hp coupled with the production of 120Nm of torque which increases engine efficiency and ultimately its performance also increases. This V-Twin engine works by using a 5-speed wet clutch transmission gearbox. The motorbike reaches its maximum 110mph speed and 50 mph mileage.

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