Yamaha Niken Price And Engine Performance

Yamaha Niken 2024:

2024 Yamaha NIKEN is a three-wheeler sport tourer manufactured by the world-famous manufacturer “Yamaha”. Yamaha is a very old automobile manufacturing company and it has been manufacturing and marketing its products since the 1990’s. After a lot of success and hard work, the company brought up to a level of producing bikes composed of the Lean Multiple Wheel (LMW) system. It offers agility and rigidity along with new modern and classic design. Yamaha produced its “NIKEN” version in 2015 and it was officially launched in 2018 and started selling in the market in 2019. Now at present in 2023 it comes out with some modifications and improvements.

yamaha niken

Yamaha Niken gt is a modern and latest version of MWT-09 with high market value. The front end with double steering, double wheels, and double fork styles offers greater stability provides maximum grip, and increases the overall weight of the Motorbike and the rider faces difficulty in handling. The overall antagonistic appearance and plane engine work efficiently to increase its performance. Yamaha NIKEN is a much more advanced and technically modified version of MWT-09. Yamaha NIKEN Top Speed is a much quicker and safer bike as it reaches up to 0-100kmph in just 4 seconds. It is mostly available in gloss matte black colors, sometimes with other contrasts.

Dynamic Design and Technical Specifications:

yamaha niken Specifications

The elegant and mind-blowing front wins the hearts of bike lovers and enthusiasts. The front side is furnished with four fork tubes, one handlebar with two forks, USD, and telescopic forks which helps in easy and safe driving and builds the rider’s confidence. NIKEN attractive appearance has popularized overall the world since its latest model. Yamaha was the first ever company which introduce a three-wheeler motorbike with a Stealth version and became trending in the lineup.

Mostly the frame and the overall skeleton are matte black but sometimes a dark color combo enhances its astonishing look. Adjustable USD forks along with a telescopic fork and a comfortable handlebar provide the best driving experience with a single shock absorber. This advanced superbike carries some safety features like it has Automatic Brake system and Traction control system along with parking sensors. This brake assist technology and detection system keeps the rider safe and secure. The TFT instrument panel provides all the necessary information about fuel, speed, and performance. Yamaha NIKEN for sale has introduced three driving modes which can be changed by pushing indicator lights. It offers a navigation and communication system and one can easily access to bike using Detector apps.

Engine Performance, Mileage, and Suspension:

yamaha niken Engine

Yamaha NIKEN motorcycle is powered by a four-stroke liquid cooled engine with 847 engine displacement which generates power of 115hp and is coupled with the production of 87.5Nm Torque. Both offer an easy ride and efficient performance. The engine is paired with a gearbox that offers 6-speed automatic transmission. The fame it gained through its comfort, performance, engine efficiency, and racing capability. Its fuel tank capacity is 18 L.

yamaha niken Suspension

Yamaha Niken Price:

The starting price rate of the Yamaha NIKEN is 15 lakhs in Indian Rupees.

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