4 Steps to Apply for International Registration Plan in Ohio

The International Registration Plan (IRP) is an important vehicle registration program for trucking companies and commercial careers in Ohio that offer interstate moving. This registration program helps streamline the process of registering commercial vehicles that have to operate in multiple states.

Getting registered with this program ensures that you are staying compliant with the regulatory requirements and guidelines. But the question is, how can you apply for this plan in Ohio? Keep reading the paragraphs mentioned below to have a detailed idea about the whole process.

Registration Plan in Ohio

1.     Gather Necessary Documentation

Before you go on to apply for the IRP program, it is advised to gather all the required documentation that is needed for the registration. This will include your vehicle information, like its make, model, identification number, and other relevant details.

You will also need to provide the department with the ownership proof of the vehicle, including any vehicle titles or lease agreements, to demonstrate that you are the legal owner of the vehicle.

If you are a trucking or commercial carrier business operating within Ohio, you will also need to provide your business information, like the registration details, business license, and tax identification number. Just be sure that all documentation is up-to-date and accurate, as any outdated information can result in problems in the application process.

2.     Contact Your Jurisdiction’s IRP Office

Your base jurisdiction is taken as the state or province where you are running your business or your company is based. To register yourself with the IRP, you will need to contact the IPR office in Ohio and request an application for registration.

They will provide you with some forms, instructions, and information on fees and supporting documentation to get registered. By following the instructions, you can proceed with the registration process.

When asking for forms and fee information, be sure to also ask about any specific requirements or additional documents that may be needed for your Ohio IRP application.


3.     Complete the Application Forms

After collecting the documents, go back and thoroughly review the application forms provided in the package. These forms will require detailed information about your company, each registered vehicle, and the jurisdictions in which you plan to operate.

Be sure to provide accurate and complete information in the forms to avoid any delays or complications in the registration process. Just take your time to gather all the required information, as mentioned in the first step, and fill out the forms accurately.

4.     Pay the Registration Fees

The IRP registration fee varies depending on the total distance your vehicle/s is expected to travel in each jurisdiction. That’s why you will first have to calculate the fee based on the distance and consider factors like the total percentage of miles traveled in each state or province.

You can do this by consulting the provided fee schedule and following the instructions for payment. Depending on the updated regulations, you may have to pay a single payment to your base jurisdiction. They will then distribute this fee to the appropriate jurisdictions.

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