4 Tips About Choosing A Motorcycle For Your First Harley


Entering the world of motorcycling, and more precisely Harley-Davidson, is like entering an exciting new chapter of immersive experiences and thrills. 

This article is meant to guide those looking to step foot into this world, providing a roadmap to navigate the key decision points when choosing your first Harley. 

By the time you finish reading this piece, you’ll have a complete guide on key considerations, necessary budgeting tips, and more importantly, how to avoid common pitfalls associated with owning your first piece of American legacy – a Harley.


Selecting Your First Harley Without The Overwhelm

Choosing a Harley-Davidson as your first motorcycle can feel quite overwhelming because of the sheer range of models and options available. 

But fear not, armed with the right guidance and advice, you can make the best decision, one that takes into account both your passion and your practical needs.

Initial Considerations for First-time Motorcycle Buyers

First and foremost, commit to understanding what it entails to own a Harley, especially as a first-time buyer. This means looking beyond the allure of owning a Harley and focusing on aspects that ensure a great riding experience. Some factors you should consider include:

  • Your Riding Style: This influences the type of Harley that best suits you. If you’re into laid-back cruising, a Softail or a Touring model would be ideal. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something sporty, the Sportster or Street series might be more to your liking.
  • Your Skill Level: If you’re a beginner, it’s important to have a bike that you can comfortably control and handle. Harley-Davidson’s Street series, for example, has bikes that are well-suited for beginners.
  • Body Fit: The motorcycle should suit your body size and strength. Harleys come in different sizes with varied seat heights and weights.

Debunking Common Harley-Davidson Myths

Let’s clear misconceptions that could cloud your judgment when buying your first Harley:

  • All Harleys are expensive: Harley-Davidson bikes for sale do have a reputation for being pricey, but there are affordable options like the Street series of Harley-Davidson bikes.
  • Harley-Davidsons are unreliable: Modern Harley-Davidsons have equal or greater reliability compared to their counterparts, due to improvements in build quality and technology.

Budgeting: The First Crucial Step in Purchasing Your Harley Davidson

Apart from navigating the sea of choices, the biggest hurdle for most first-time Harley buyers lies in financing their dream ride, which not only includes the initial acquisition but also the recurring costs associated with ownership.

How to Efficiently Plan Your Motorcycle Budget

A well-established budget plan paves a smoother road to owning a Harley-Davidson. Here’s how you can master your motorcycle budgeting:

  • Do Thorough Research: Knowing the prices of the different Harley models and their financing options can help you understand which bike falls within your budget.
  • Establish Your Limit: Determine a limit for your budget and stay committed to it.

Saving for Maintenance and Insurance Costs

While paying for the bike is one hurdle, the ownership costs do not stop there. It’s essential to prepare and save for maintenance and insurance costs that will inevitably come your way.

  • Maintenance: Make sure to factor in routine maintenance when determining your budget. Regular servicing, tire replacements, oil changes, and potential repairs should all be considered.
  • Insurance: Depending on the model and your location, insurance costs will vary. Check potential insurance rates in your area and make sure to factor these into your budget.

By keeping these pointers in mind, you’ll avoid unnecessary stress and potentially harsh financial impacts down the line.

Purchasing your first Harley doesn’t have to be daunting or complicated. With proper research, budgeting, and debunking of myths, you will make an informed choice that you’ll take pride in.

In the end, remember that buying a Harley is more than just acquiring a means of transportation; it’s claiming your piece of a rich and storied tradition that has run deep through the veins of motorcycle culture for more than a century.

Identifying Your Riding Style: Choose Your Harley Accordingly

Connecting with a Harley-Davidson motorcycle is a personal journey, and your unique riding style plays an essential role in creating a fulfilling biking relationship. Identifying your specific biking preference is one of the most valuable steps in choosing your first Harley.

Aligning Your Biking Preferences with The Right Harley Model

Understanding your biking preference begins with asking yourself some essential questions: What type of trips will you primarily be taking? Long-distance adventures or daily commutes? Will you be riding alone, or will you frequently have a passenger? The answers will help you choose a model designed to optimally serve your needs.

Differentiating Between Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Styles

Harley-Davidson boasts a broad spectrum of distinctive motorcycle styles designed to supply to a variety of riders:

  • Sportster: Compact and nimbler bikes with smaller engines, perfect for daily urban riders and beginners.
  • Softail: Combines the luxury of comfort with a smooth ride. Ideal for leisure cruising and long trips.
  • Touring: Built for long-distance comfort, ideal for road trip lovers.
  • Street: Budget-friendly and beginner-friendly Harleys with great maneuverability.

The Importance of Test Rides: Never Buy Without A Trial

Buying a motorcycle is a substantial investment, and no amount of research can replace the importance of first-hand experience. A test ride empowers you with invaluable insights that aid you in making the final decision.

How Test Rides Can Prove Invaluable in Your Buying Decision

Test rides allow you to sense the personality of the Harley, beyond what specifications and reviews can relay. You can check how well you fit on the bike, how comfortable it is, and how it feels when it’s moving. During a test drive, you can also:

  • Assess the bike’s weight and balance.
  • Check the ease of use of controls and displays.
  • Experience the suspension and ride comfort.

Gathering Relevant Feedback and Lessons from Test Rides

After each test ride, document your observations – what you liked about the bike, what you didn’t, and how comfortable you felt. This feedback is crucial in finalizing your choice for a Harley.

Understand Your Harley: Key Insights for Novice Buyers

Before owning a Harley-Davidson, gaining insights into the brand’s history and its motorcycles’ key features will set you acclimatize better with your new ride.

Essential Knowledge for First-Time Harley Buyers

Here are some pieces of information that are fundamental to every first-time Harley buyer:

  • Learn about the commonly found features in a Harley, like the battery charge, oil pressure, and throttle function.
  • Familiarize yourself with Harley-Davidson motorcycle care: how often to service it, the parts needed for regular maintenance, and the do’s and don’ts of riding a Harley.

Harley-Davidson History and What Sets It Apart

Harley-Davidson epitomizes a motorcycling culture that emerged over a hundred years back. The brand stands for freedom and a spirit of rebellion. And owning a Harley places you into that tradition – it’s a lifestyle, not just a machine. What sets Harley apart from the rest are its unique engine configuration, thunderous sound, and iconic design language.

Choosing your first Harley is not about simply picking a motorcycle, but more about finding a lifelong companion for the road. Bear in mind these insights, take your time, and savour the process—here’s to embarking on many memorable journeys with your very own Harley-Davidson.


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