BMW k1200S Top Speed And For Sale

BMW k1200S 2024

BMW k1200S is a Super sports bike also called a “Fire brick” which sets the world’s land speed record of 176.7mph. This world-renowned aspirated motorbike broke all the previous speed records in history. This redesigned touring bike is manufactured in Japan and was first time introduced in 2004-2009 this version was replaced by the BMW K1300S with a few improvements. It is a fascinating, fabulous, and mind-blowing design manufactured by BMW. It acts as an all-rounder and is capable of high performance with an elegant body frame, especially the front hood.

BMW k1200S for sale has not shared even a single feature with any K series bikes. This fully reliable and comfortable bike does not have any traditional qualities in it. It comes out with an aerodynamic style and is manufactured by keeping in mind all the modern requirements of the younger generation.

BMW k1200S

Dynamic Design and Technical Specifications:

The external body frame is composed of an Aluminum twin spar which completely wraps the interior technical specifications. The uplifted fuel tank shape enhances its blackbird appearance, its exhaust covers shorter distances from its length, and unlike other bikes, its air boxes are present towards the outer side. As its body is covered mostly by metal it’s a heavy bike with an overall weight of 245kg. The unique stylish windshield helps with wind protection. Its compact and sophisticated design carries a supportive handlebar, due to lever inverted Telescopic forks with a high level of adjustment.

The aerodynamic and streamlined body catches the viewers’ attention. The steel tellers frame, safety pack with ABS and traction control system, TFT display, Rider’s assistance technology, indicators for fuel warning, Double swingarm, Telescopic forks, mono-shock at the rear side, Aluminum fuel tank, etc. all the features made it unique and overwhelming among other sports bikes.

All the new mechanical specifications, its awesome design, and its smooth and comfortable ride enhance its aesthetic beauty. This advanced superbike carries some safety features like it has Automatic Brake system and Traction control system along with parking sensors. This brake assist technology and detection system keeps the rider safe and secure. The TFT instrument panel provides all the necessary information about fuel, speed, and performance.

BMW k1200S 2026

Engine Performance, mileage, and suspension:

The motorcycle gets power from a 6v inline four-cylinder engine with an engine capacity of 1,157cc, almost higher than all the sports bikes. It is capable of generating 165bhp /1250rpm coupled with the production of 96ft/lbs / 8250rpm of torque and sets the world’s top speed record of 170mph. This high displacement engine can accelerate the bike about ¼ miles in just 10 seconds.

The overall performance, fuel-efficient engine, classic and elegant design, and fabulous appearance make it superior. The engine is paired with a gearbox that offers 6-speed automatic transmission. For a sporty bike, it’s essential to have a comfortable cockpit with footpegs fixed at average height. The fame it gained through its comfort, performance, engine efficiency, and racing capability.

BMW k1200S 2025

BMW K1200S Price:

The BMW K1200S costs about Rs. 23,95,512 in India.

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